Oil and Gas Environmental Management

Aquatica environmental provides a range of services for oil and gas projects, particularly in the offshore environment.


  • Operational and Scientific Monitoring Program (OSMP) development
  • Operational Study development:
    • Forecast modelling
    • Hydrocarbon surveillance and tracking
    • Hydrocarbom weathering assessment
  • Scientific Study development:
    • Hydrocarbon monitoring in water and sediments
    • Ecotoxicology assessment of crude, condensate and diesel (hydrocarbons)
    • Inter and sub-tidal benthic fauna survey
    • Marine primary producers (coral, seagrass, macroalgae, etc.) habitat monitoring
    • Marine megafauna survey
    • Marine turtle nesting survey
    • Seabirds, shorebirds and nesting / rookeries survey
    • Hydrocarbon monitoring of commercial and recreational fisheries
    • Baseline studies and long-term monitoring
  • Scientific Study team building and development
  • Emergency mobilisation planning
  • In-house support


  • OSMPs
    • WHL Energy - VIC/P67 LaBella
    • Carnavon Hibiscus - VIC/P57 West Seahorse
    • Hunt OilAGR Petroleum and Aventus Consulting - Schooner-1
    • ESSO - Marlin B Platform
  • Implementation Plans
    • Santos - VIC/P44
    • Santos - Patricia Baleen
  • OSMP Emergency mobilisation plans
    • WHL - VIC/P67 LaBella