Partnership with Platypus - 26 August 2017
Aquatica is excited to announce a new partnership with Pittsburgh-based aquatic robotics company Platypus.  The partnership brings their autonomous robotic boat platforms to Australia for undertaking cost-effective bathymetry and water quality surveys in inland and coastal... Read More
We were lucky enough to be invited by the South Gippsland Landcare Network and Ecocentric Environmental Consulting to undertake a survey for spiny and burrowing crayfish in Turton's Creek.We used a range of methods for spiny... Read More
More Dwarf Galaxias - 04 July 2016
We caught some more Dwarf Galaxias today, including this colourful male.As is so often the case in the modified environment most Dwarfies now live in, these guys were in a road-side drain.  IN saying that, most of their habitat needs were met with dense... Read More
Dwarf Galaxias - 27 May 2016
Managed to find a sole Dwarf Galaxias last week.  We had been engaged to do a rapid survey of a small wetland, but fond none, so moved to a reference site.  The site was heavily vegetated, making getting the net in a challenge, so feeling lucky to find just this one male. Read More
Aquatica Environmental recently purchased a new backpack electrofisher from Halltech Aquatic Research Inc. in Canada.We're are new to this brand, having previously used electrofishers from the USA, Europe and NZ.  However, after the first test run in Gippsland a few weekends... Read More
Yarra River - 17 August 2015
Had a beautiful afternoon down at the Yarra River at Sweeney's Flats.  The river looked glorious, fish jumping (no idea what but it was big), birds everywhere (clearly they sense spring is around the corner) and the Ranger looked not half bad in the setting light. Read More
Meet Ranger - 17 August 2015
Although its been in use for a while now, I thought it was time to show off the Ranger. The Forester did a decent job until it was time to go off-road, or carry a big load, or load the back full of wet nets... come to think of it, no, it did a terrible job! As you can see the... Read More