Halltech HT-2000 Backpack Electrofisher


Aquatica Environmental recently purchased a new backpack electrofisher from Halltech Aquatic Research Inc. in Canada.
We're are new to this brand, having previously used electrofishers from the USA, Europe and NZ.  However, after the first test run in Gippsland a few weekends back it surpassed all expectations in terms of ease of functionality, output power and battery life.  We targeted three sites and only ran for about 300 seconds at each, but caught four fish species with ease and no injury including River Blackfish, Spotted/Trout Galaxias, Short-finned Eel and juvenile Brown Trout.  In particular the unit's ability to draw fish in was amazing and better than we've seen on any other unit.
The unit can also be adapted to a boat mounting, which is our next step, so stay tuned...
Halltech HT-2000 Backpack Electrofisher Electrofishing with Halltech HT-2000 Fish